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What is this all about?

Here is a perl script that I quickly and sloppily hacked together so that I could use my Pine address book in Mutt. In the spirit of Open Source, this script is being made available for free so that the time spent developing it doesn't need to be spent again elsewhere.

Here are some features of


GNU General Public License


This is the script. Save it as


A typical Pine address book entry:
johnny	Doe, John B.	example-folder	Office: 1234 Avenue Blvd. Phone number: 911-411 Output:
#Office: 1234 Avenue Blvd. Phone number: 911-411
alias johnny \"John B. Doe\" <>
fcc-hook "~C johndoe@example\.com" "+example-folder"
Example Usage:
./ < .addressbook > ~/.mutt/addresses.pine
WARNING: This will overwrite any existing ~/.mutt/addresses.pine file.

You can then add the line

source ~/.mutt/addresses.pine
to your ~/.muttrc file.